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Who is able to join the RMA?


The RMA encourages participation from:


  • Politicians
  • Government executives
  • Policy Makers
  • Human Rights and related fields
  • Diversity and Inclusion experts
  • Metaverse technology experts and advisors
  • Advocacy bodies
  • Law makers
  • Regulatory bodies
  • Suppliers to the virtual worlds
  • Technology ethicists
  • Academics
  • Educators
  • Artists, designer, suppliers to the virtual worlds
  • Other organisations interested in supporting the development of a Responsible Metaverse

Who is not able to join the RMA?


Initially, metaverse platform and large headset/glasses providers will not form part of the RMA as these companies are already in a strong position of influence and the RMA is being set up to allow a greater number of perspectives on the way the metaverse develops.

This being said, engagement with the metaverse platform providers will be very important so it is recommended that a separate working and consultation group may be formed with these providers.

How to become a member of the RMA

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