Building a safe and responsible metaverse

What is the Responsible Metaverse Alliance?

The Responsible Metaverse Alliance (RMA) is a social enterprise and international movement dedicated to supporting the development of the metaverse, and virtual worlds, so that they are handled responsibly from a perspective of design, deployment, safety, culture, inclusion, operations and function.

The RMA has a focus on working with politicians, government officials, regulators and policy makers internationally, to support them in addressing potential harms of the metaverse.

RMA Charter

The Charter for the RMA has four key pillars:

  • RResponsible Metaverse Practices
  • R Metaverse Platform Regulation
  • RBridging of Worlds
  • REnsure Inclusiveness in the Metaverse

We also ask the questions

What is the Metaverse?

Who owns the Metaverse? and

What harm can come from the Metaverse?


Responsible Metaverse Alliance Membership

If you are one of the following, we encourage you to join the Responsible Metaverse Alliance


  • Politicians
  • Government executives
  • Policy Makers
  • Human Rights and related fields
  • Diversity and Inclusion experts
  • Metaverse technology experts and advisors
  • Advocacy bodies
  • Law makers
  • Regulatory bodies
  • Suppliers to the virtual worlds
  • Technology ethicists
  • Academics
  • Educators
  • Artists, designer, suppliers to the virtual worlds
  • Other organisations interested in supporting the development of a Responsible Metaverse