Builders Group

Imagine If…

Global regulation governing the metaverse was developed in partnership with its creators, developers and builders?

This would enable:

  • regulation that reflected and responded to real-world threats and risks posed by metaverse technology; and
  • metaverse builders to create products that were future-proofed and aligned with global ethics and regulatory standards

This is the world we are coming together to create – and we’re calling metaverse builders from across the world to be a part of it.

Threats of the Metaverse

The threat is real.

Without regulation, some risks include…

  • Vulnerable demographics preyed upon: Phishing scams, grooming, account hacks, identity theft, virtual harassment/assault and inappropriate content to name just a few
  • Unsafe/illegal business practices: Similar to the shoddy business practices that have plagued the early days of NFTs, including pump-and-dumps, kickbacks, cover-ups, bribery and false media
  • An inoperable metaverse: No interoperability due to inconsistent standards resulting in the inability to travel from one space/world to another. This will prevent true interconnectedness and the loss of the countless social, economic and equality benefits this would bring

Now is the time to have your voices to be heard

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We meet quarterly to get connected to global regulation – hearing the lastest developments and sharing our expertise to help drive a safe metaverse.

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