Potential initiatives for the RMA

The RMA may undertake the following:

1. Educate politicians and policy makers on the metaverse

2. Create a Metaverse Experience Lab where key decision makers can experience full immersion in 3D and virtual worlds

3. Engage with key players in the metaverse so that they can share progress and plans

4. Work with metaverse designers, artists and creatives to develop best practices

5. Establish guidance for developing effective cultural and behavioural standards in the metaverse

6. Advise potential policy makers and regulators on the risks and harms of the metaverse

7. Bring attention to how the metaverse could be used for good - eg accessibility benefits; a lack of scarcity

8. Develop frameworks, guidelines, proposed regulations for a Responsible Metaverse

9. Work with diversity and inclusion groups to understand issues related to minority groups, the vulnerable and underserved communities

10. Advocate or lobby interest groups related to the metaverse

11. Advise on the design of an Access and Inclusion strategy for metaverse platform providers

12. Other activities related to safe practices, best practice, regulation and ethical implementation of the metaverse